Pink Luminous Invocation were the quartet of (left to right) Magnus Majmon, Marc Kellaway, Marie A. Jensen and Tanja Jessen making a very varied noise ranging from massive drones and gentle folk to fucked metal and dense improvisations.

Their debut cdr was snatched up by the lovely foxglove label for international release, a cdr on Not Not Fun followed, as well as a couble of tapes on various labels and a remix by Exquisite Russian Brides on The Cat Box Corp.

Currently the quartet are sleeping.


Pink Luminous Invocation (cdr, foxglove, 2006)

Pink Fog (cdr, Not Not Fun, 2007)'

Pink Fuck (3"-cdr, The Cat Box Corp, 2007)

Sings The Blues (casette, Not Not Fun, 2008)

The Pink Sea (casette, Sloow Tapes, 2008)

Pink Luminous Invocation (Sagittarius A-star, 2011)

Sings the Golden Pop Dream (casette, Kosmisk Vaeg, 2011)

Out now on The Cat Box Corp: