The Cat Box Corp. is a Copenhagen based small-scale (to the point of invisibility) label focusing on the various projects of Marc Kellaway and friends. We have existed since 2003. To date we have 34 releases out. Coming up next is a swiming pool-themed album by Marc Kellaway, a Madonna-themed album by Tanja Vesterbye Jessen and the debut from the doom metal duo FISSE. Excluding the LP by Exquisite Russian Brides most of our early releases were on on CDR in some kind of hand made packaging - not really as a sign of a specific ethos or any other illusions of "keeping it real" but more as a result of the economic reality we're operating in. From 2015, in a slight increase in ambitions, we shifted to mostly factory pressed CDs and the occasional vinyl release. Once in a while something handmade might still pop up though. The point is, that we strongly beleave in physical media, and would never dream of making a purely digital release. Untill recently we didn't believe in making out-of-print releases avaliable digitaly either, but the advent of BandCamp made that a bit silly, so now our full catalog are avaliable for streaming (and buying very cheap) digitaly at our store there. We also have a channel on Vimeo for the various visual stuff releated to the label, a stream at Soundcloud, and a page on Facebook, if you are into that kind of thing.

How to buy

All our releases are avaliable to buy reather cheaply in digital and - where still in stock - physical editions at our store at BandCamp. In addtition to this you can also stream everything in full, so there's really no reason not to spend an afternoon browsing the goods. Please note, that a lot of our bands also have releases on other labels to avaliable at their individual BandCamp store. Clicking at the bandname on the individual band pages takes you there.

For wholesale or enquiries regarding distribution please write to marc (at) thecatboxcorp.dk


If you want to do a review for your blog or zine, interview one of our bands, or for any other reason get in touch, just  to write to marc (at) thecatboxcorp.dk. Please note, though, that we in general only give promotional copies in the form of digital downloads.

As we are very small and poor and in no way in a position to release music by outside projects - no matter how how much we would like to - we are not interested in demos of any kind at the moment.